Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fresh Start

It's a New Year which means a new attitude.
That also means that we can get a fresh new start.We need
to thank god that he wake us up three hundred and sixty five days this year.Most people didn't make

it half of this year,not even a quarter of it.
Many people have died in robberies,car crash,and in their sleeps.
Just think about how many people have died in Iraq fighting and risking
their lives for us,so we should be really thankful that we made it.
Everyone knows that when new years come it time to

make up a list of resolutions for the
problems in the previous year before.
Things like to lose weigh,be a better person,pay more attention
to your life responsibilities,like your kids are home in time for
dinner,make sure their homework is done completely,and other important
things. Now is a time to get started in something like a type of business get you

self occupied with doing something with your life don't be that lazy slum on the couch.
Go on the computer,go look for a job,do community service help out be a resourceful

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