Tuesday, August 13, 2013

6 Signs You Grew Up In Las Vegas.

Las VegasDespite the unbearable heat, Las Vegas boasts of all sorts of romantic destinations, restaurants, shopping malls and holiday destinations. Las Vegas is designed to be a holiday destination where you can sit back and relax to enjoy a variety of sceneries and hotelier experiences. You can also have some quiet time away from the heat and busy city life on the west side where most people live in planned communities. Some of the top hotels that offer luxurious experience include the Venetian, the Bellagio and the Wynn Las Vegas.
If you are looking for a romantic, tasteful and thoughtful engagement experience, then Las Vegas has jewelry stores that offer various types of rare colored diamonds. They include loose diamonds, diamond wedding rings, rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and watches. Fine dining, spa treatments, sporting activities and shopping experiences are some of the things that draw many tourists to this city. Contrary to the common belief that living in Las Vegas is more of a casinos, drinks, and strip clubs lifestyle, it is actually a place where people can live permanently, work, study and raise their kids.
 Here are some common signs evidenced in someone who has ever lived in Las Vegas;
  • Kids Birthday Parties- some parents would shudder at the thought of raising their children in a city surrounded by alcohol, casinos and all sorts of dangerous lifestyles. Most parents would not believe this but Vegas kids do not party all day and night. Actually the authorities are quite strict about selling alcohol to minors. If you grew up in Vegas you must have been on several field trips and probably a birthday party at Crystal Palace.
  • The tipping etiquette- people who have been to Vegas understand this very well, tipping is essential in the Vegas hospitality industry. A good tip to a valet, hairdresser, waiter and service providers shows that you appreciate their services. Usually most people living in Vegas are in the service industry and have developed a culture of tipping after enjoying services.
  • Three cities in the valley- if you have lived in Vegas then you know that there are only three cities in the valley which are Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson.
  • You probably have potholders in your car-this is usually because of the scorching heat and usually people wait sometime on the parking lot especially during the rush hour to avoid getting their hands sun burnt while driving home.
  • A visit to a strip joint-if you were born and raised in Vegas then  at some point in your life, you must have visited a strip club to have a piece of the action. There are hundreds of strip clubs in Vegas, most people visit them out of curiosity while others are popular regulars.
  • Love of diamonds and jewels-Las Vegas is known to stock some of the best diamond rocks in the market. Since diamonds are known for their aesthetic values, residents of Las Vegas love them. They rely on diamond jewels to compliment their fancy lifestyle.
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