Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Prepare For The Hot Sizzling Summer Vacation!

 We have all witnessed epic melt downs by fellow travelers and travel workers alike, the heat and the impatience pushing everyone to their breaking point.    summer travel  season is right around the corner but exciting travel opportunities are often limited by price,  everything is packed: the planes, the hotels, the roads, and your cars  even  those with kids.

  Things can go terrible  wrong no matter how well you have prepare, it is always good to keep an emergency kit with you, in your car that includes jumper cables, basic hand tools, flares or reflective warning triangles, a first aid kit, a flashlight with fresh batteries, and a cellular phone if possible, just to be prepare on a more safer side.

    Use your budget and time frames to narrow your vacation options to fit within your budget. many times you can rent a vacation home for less money than a couple of hotel rooms to accommodate a family or several couples,   Your dream vacation is no doubt full of lavish luxuries, but most of us need to save a pretty penny and pick our splurges carefully renting an apartment, condo or house can often be cheaper than a hotel room..

  Make your summer special by picking the destination that best suits your style this part of the learning experience.  Plan ahead, search for trip games online and hit the road with the family for a fun learning experience.  You're packed and ready to go on vacation, so now comes the most important issue at hand:  avoiding jet lag  when you arrive at your destination.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Swing Like Tiger On Your Golf Vacation!

Golf is a relaxing and fun sport, and a great social activity.  However, not all of us are born with a talent for golf, those who do not experience it are really missing a stimulating part of life.
golf and travel, It has always been an intoxicating combination

Golf has evolved a lot in the United States, however professional golf originated in Europe, more specifically in Scotland. If you choose to visit Scotland for your golf tour, you can decide to play courses such as the Old Course in St Andrews, Turnberry, Carnoustie and Royal Troon. There are many elements that draw golf enthusiasts to Scotland, namely the lush, breathtaking backdrops that line the area.

Golf swing aids come in all shapes and sizes including apparel type accessories to correct alignment or a golf club add-on accessory to monitor your swing. Golf is no fun unless you take it serious
there are enormous differences in the financial rewards offered by the various golf tours,  a good number of the players brought non-playing wives or guests with them you can.

Create the itinerary that suits you, your budget, and your dates of travel, making all the arrangements to ensure you have a great vacation  If your dream is a golf vacation to some of the world's best courses.

Monday, May 20, 2013

"How You Can Save On Your Travel"

The best bet, of course, is to be 100 percent sure of your travel arrangements and  you know about the hotel star rating, general vicinity  and the hotel amenities.  To filter by hotel amenities, click Hotel Amenities, and then select the appropriate amenity options.  To filter by hotel chain, click Hotel Chain, and then select the chains you want to view.  The more you stay with one hotel chain, the more rewards you receive.

Booking an extended stay hotel is not much different from booking a regular stay hotel.  Online hotel resort booking facilities makes your tour more comfortable. vacation packages with online luxury hotel resort booking.  These allow you to bid on anonymous hotel or air packages.  If you need a hotel, select the Find a Hotel check box.

 And when you book a package deal, you'll always come out on top of your budget
You must book your own travel reservations directly
Agents book 75% of all air travel, 30% of all hotel reservations and 95% of all cruise
reservations Online travel agencies like the ones mentioned provide the best offers and often guarantee you the best price out there. .

While comparing prices, compare the total expenditure for the travel including travel agent fees and then choose the best one.  Comparing online travel agent sites can also lead you to choosing the best site.  Patience will lead to the best travel experience.  This is just one of the many examples of how to save and find the best travel deals. .

  There's power and negotiation leverage in numbers, so our online travel site is your best bet for cutting costs.  But in the peak travel times, it's always best to book in advance.  And if you're using reward miles, it's best to book as soon as you know your dates.  If you want to choose a seat or certain flight time, it's best to book now before the supply dwindles.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Bahamas The Paradise Island"

Bahamas is a constitutional monarchy based on the Westminster system of parliamentary government.  It is the only example of a large open ocean island system lying within the Atlantic Ocean tropics.  It is also home to golf courses that afford views of the ocean and challenging play.  It is also home to numerous aquatic life.  Bahamas has diplomatic relations with  Cuba .

Bahamas is very receptive to U.S. products.  It is famed for its long sandy beaches, clear waters, and spectacular coral reefs.  It are made up of over 700 islands - 30 of which have permanent settlements.  It are islands located off of the coast of Florida.  Bahamas are located only 60 to 100 miles east of South Florida.

The largest island is  Andros Island .  The southeastern most island is  Inagua .  Acklins Island is a relatively undeveloped island that is home to several Lucayan Indian sites, especially along Pompey Bay Beach.  The island is relatively unpopulated and home to several small, rustic villages.  The  weather  on Harbor Island is exceptional.

The weather was perfect and the island was in sight from 30 miles out.  Grand Bahama Island is just 55 miles east of Florida and it has the most family-friendly resorts in the area.  Grand Bahama Island is well known for its year-round warm, tropical climate.  Besides being known for the bustling town of Freeport, Grand Bahama Island is best known for its ecological beauty.  The island is well known for the friendliness of its people, its beautiful clear waters and its secluded beaches.

The island has pink sand beaches, coral reefs just offshore and is known for its diving, snorkeling and sailing opportunities.  But the island is really rocky and the usual Bahamas sand is nonexistent.  The Grand Bahamas Island is a wonderful vacation destination for spring breakers.  Overall, the island is an inviting destination for families looking for that ideal balance of accessibility and authenticity.  Since this island is small, many choose to walk.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Compare Cheap Travel Insurance!

Travel insurance may be purchased for periods of travel as little as 5 days.  It can protect against the loss of non-refundable travel costs, such as airfare, hotel and tour expenses.  It can help facilitate payment, and act as an advocate so that you’re not overcharged because you’re an American. 
Coverage can be purchased in a combination of monthly and/or daily periods by paying the appropriate plan cost.  Cancellation Waiver is different from a  Trip Cancellation insurance policy.  We ask because trip cost determines the amount of trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage and affects the premium cost.  Some plans offer trip cancellation & interruption coverage if you miss over 50% of your trip due to the delay.  Cruise and tour operators sometimes  offer Cancellation Waivers – another form of trip cancellation coverage.  For more information about this type of coverage, visit our  Trip Cancellation Insurance section.  

This insurance covers medical emergencies, emergency evacuation, trip cancellation, personal belongings and personal liability.  A trip cancellation policy will reimburse you for these lost deposits.  For example, most policies now still cover trip cancellation if the U.S. State Department issues a travel warning.  It Cancellation or Interruption protects the financial investment you've made in your travel arrangements.  Trip Cancellation coverage keeps you from losing your vacation savings if you need to cancel for a covered reason.  

Nearly all the same reasons you would cancel your trip are covered as a trip interruption.  But even the most carefully planned trip can be complicated by unforeseen events.  Remember, no matter how well planned your trip is, the unexpected can and often does occur.  It Cancellations and Travel Delays due to blizzards and ice storms have derailed or shortened many vacations.  Roughly speaking, a $5,000 trip will put you back $200 to $400.  

With so much money at stake, such a trip might be worth insuring, Sometimes cancelling a trip is inevitable.  Our insurance plans help protect you if your trip is delayed due to disorderly civil conditions at the destination.  Booking your trip is only part of planning a great vacation. www.mason.globaltravel.com

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Ideal Destination Cruises!

Royal Caribbean specializes in cruises to the Caribbean and offers a variety of packages and cruise options.  Caribbean Honeymoon Cruise    gives you want exactly you are looking for.  The Caribbean is the world’s largest cruise shipping market, representing over 40 percent of the annual cruise supply.  An Eastern Caribbean cruise could include the Bahamas, St. Maarten, St. Thomas or Tortola.  A Southern Caribbean itinerary could include Aruba, Grenada, Barbados and St. Kitts.

MSC Cruises Caribbean cruises can bring vacationers On the Bahamas, Jamaica, Barbados and more.  Caribbean cruises from MSC Cruises supply website visitors with some from the most current ships inside the sector.  Cruises to eastern Caribbean ports are known for their shopping  opportunities, with many boutiques and outlets.  Most Caribbean Carnival cruises are 4-, 5-, or 7-night sailings featuring multiple ports and soft-sand beaches.  Most cruises to the Caribbean offer activities such as snorkeling, lounging on beaches, swimming with dolphins and exploring exotic terrains.

In addition to the Caribbean and Bahamas there is the Mexican Riviera, Alaska, Hawaii,  Australia  and European cruises.  Pietrovito was a  happy-go-lucky fan who attended all three 311 Caribbean cruises.  Royal Caribbean offers cruises to eastern Canada that include scenic natural destinations and shopping.  Western Caribbean destinations,  on the other hand, feature less developed and less commercialized ports.  And  the destinations of the southern Caribbean are  famous for their beautiful, uncrowded beaches.

You pay for alcohol on the ships, I have found Royal Caribbean to be reasonable for mixed drinks.  The  Caribbean Sea  offshore of the island of Dominica is home to many  cetaceans .  The Caribbean Closer to home, Clifford lists Cuba as the main up-and-coming destination in the foreseeable future.  Trunk Bay is a famous and popular Caribbean destination.  Cruising to the Caribbean has being exceeding all expectations and is now the favorite way to see the Caribbean.

Royal Caribbean got dirt-cheap entry, minimal regulation, and tactful silence.  This is the Caribbean for people   living on the west coast.  A western Caribbean cruise could include Grand Cayman, Key West and Martinique.  and stay with princess or royal Caribbean for the longer cruise vacations.

The ships offering trips to different destinations including the Caribbean leave the port at different times.  From Old San Juan to the Grenadines, Caribbean ports are festooned with brightly lit cruise ships.  In the past, most ships sailed out of Florida or San Juan for Caribbean ports of call.  The Caribbean is sailed by many different Cruise Lines and ships.  If you find the Caribbean cruise attractive, you can put off the Alaska cruise for a few years.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Welcome TO Kingston Jamaica!

Kingston Jamaica provides a wealth of on-site services and activities to help create the perfect vacation.  Miami-Dade County signed a Sister Cities agreement with the city of Kingston Jamaica.  Kingston, the capital city of Jamaica, was born after an earthquake in the city of Port Royal in 1692.  Kingston, the capital and largest city in Jamaica, is a bustling  night life.

 The city is on the  Liguanea  Plain, alongside the Hope River.  The birth of  hip-hop  in New York City owed much to the city's Jamaican community.  The city is situated between the Blue Mountain Peak and Spanish Town, offering culture, shopping, music and other activities.

Some of the residential districts are simply beautiful, while the central high-rises suggest a modern city anywhere in North America.  Construction on King Street in the city was the first area to breach this building code.  The core of the old city is a consciously planned rectangle with streets in a grid pattern.  Local buses can be caught at any of the bus stops along the city roads. ,  If you booked your Kingston flights www.mason.globaltravel.com to experience the vibrant nightlife then Quad night club is for you. yes run away from your hotel room and go enjoy the nightlife of kingston city, The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel has  a restaurant, a lounge, and  a poolside bar .  The hotel is near to, parks ,supermarket, Restaurant , buses , and so much in the area.  The hotel restaurant was impressive as well.

All guests staying in hotel guestrooms must be registered with the hotel.  The 143 air-conditioned guestrooms at Knutsford Court Hotel include  safes  and  hair dryers .  The 108 air-conditioned guestrooms at The Spanish Court Hotel include  iPod docking stations  and  safes .  With sweeping views of the pool, the Spanish Court Hotel Kingston offers air-conditioned rooms with free wireless internet access.  The Spanish Court Hotel Kingston provides a convenient on-site café.

I've stayed at this hotel twice while in Kingston and Spanish Court never disappoints.  The Altamont Court Hotel is situated in the heart of New Kingston.  Additional attractions near this romantic hotel include  Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Library  and  Kings House .  One of the best, if not the best hotel in Kingston.  These partners may vary by individual hotel, as featured near the top of each hotel page.

You'll love the vibes of Kingston and it people, from the music, To the dance, sport and much more.
Welcome to Kingston Mann!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Encounter With Brazil!

I still can't believe that I remember my first trip to Brazil, It was so amazing that i stll remember the date, July 10th 2006.

One month ealier, my boss told me to take a 2 week vacation I didn't know what to do , or where to go. I wanted to think Big, and go somewhere amazing. My Wife and I started to brain  storm "Brazil!" my wife said. " Brazil ? " I responded. " yes it will be exciting, and plus we've never been there before". I took her word and booked the tickets. We were right on time. We had a lot to do before our vacation. My wife was so excited.We was staying at a resort in Rio de Janeiro.

We were even more excited since we had a late flight. However, we did not have the chance to do anything on the first day because we were so tired. The second day is when our Vacation started. On the second day we went to visit the statue of Rio.

That was the first thing we checked off of our list. It was big and Beautiful. We only had one week left and we wanted to explore as many places and things as possible. Up next was the Tour to Buzios. After the tour we went to the Beach, and took a long walk on the boardwalk. Every day we saw something new.

If you know me at all you would know that I could not go to one of the most famous countries for football and not visit one of their stadiums. So while I was there my wife and i visited Maracana. Rio De Janeiro is the proud owner of the world most famous football stadium, the Maracana Stadium which is Brazil’s largest stadium. The stadium hosted the 1950 World Cup Final where Uruguay defeated Brazil in front of almost 200,000 people. This stadium is also the playground for world famous stars such as Ronaldo, Romario, Sócrates, Cafu, and many more.



On the last day it was bitter sweet feeling, we were sad that we had to leave, but excited that we enjoyed our time.

 In my overall opinion, Brazil is an amazing place to visit, From the room service to the areas.