Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Bahamas The Paradise Island"

Bahamas is a constitutional monarchy based on the Westminster system of parliamentary government.  It is the only example of a large open ocean island system lying within the Atlantic Ocean tropics.  It is also home to golf courses that afford views of the ocean and challenging play.  It is also home to numerous aquatic life.  Bahamas has diplomatic relations with  Cuba .

Bahamas is very receptive to U.S. products.  It is famed for its long sandy beaches, clear waters, and spectacular coral reefs.  It are made up of over 700 islands - 30 of which have permanent settlements.  It are islands located off of the coast of Florida.  Bahamas are located only 60 to 100 miles east of South Florida.

The largest island is  Andros Island .  The southeastern most island is  Inagua .  Acklins Island is a relatively undeveloped island that is home to several Lucayan Indian sites, especially along Pompey Bay Beach.  The island is relatively unpopulated and home to several small, rustic villages.  The  weather  on Harbor Island is exceptional.

The weather was perfect and the island was in sight from 30 miles out.  Grand Bahama Island is just 55 miles east of Florida and it has the most family-friendly resorts in the area.  Grand Bahama Island is well known for its year-round warm, tropical climate.  Besides being known for the bustling town of Freeport, Grand Bahama Island is best known for its ecological beauty.  The island is well known for the friendliness of its people, its beautiful clear waters and its secluded beaches.

The island has pink sand beaches, coral reefs just offshore and is known for its diving, snorkeling and sailing opportunities.  But the island is really rocky and the usual Bahamas sand is nonexistent.  The Grand Bahamas Island is a wonderful vacation destination for spring breakers.  Overall, the island is an inviting destination for families looking for that ideal balance of accessibility and authenticity.  Since this island is small, many choose to walk.

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