Thursday, December 31, 2009


People its that time of year again. You all know what I'm talking about, the ending of the year the time that everyone decides to make a new years resolution. My questions to you guys are: why do we wait till the year is over to make a new years resolution? Why not just make that change before the new years? My motto is don't wait till the end of the year to do something because you might not have that long. If you wanna make the change go right ahead, don't wait. And what comes more annoying to me is when someone comes up to you and ask you whats your new years resolution. Another question why do I have to have a new years resolution? Why can't I just make that change when I want to? How do you know I have not made that change already? How do you know I have to make a change with my self?


1. To stop smoking, Drinking and doing drugs.
2. Loose weight or get in shape.
3. Pay off credit card debt.
4. Go back to school.
5. Organize myself.
6. Spend more time with the parents.
7. Get a better job.
8. Do voluntary work.
9. Help others
10. Get breast implants.

Why make a list and your not gonna do all the thing. And then you come back with another list next year with most of the same things on the previous list before. I mean why bother. Your wasting paper that is needed and that ends up in the trash can after the first week of "making a new years resolution." So for me I wont be waiting till new years to make a resolution.

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