Monday, July 15, 2013

NYC's Finest Street Food Locations.

The amount of things to see and do during a holiday in New York means grabbing a bite to eat on the hoof is often something of a necessity. Luckily, it’s not a straight choice of either a hot dog or a slice of pizza, although admittedly in the Big Apple you won’t go wrong with either of those. Fixed stands, mobile vans, and all manner of other forms of transport line the streets, offering an abundance of aromas and tastes to get your mouth watering.
And we’re not talking just burgers or baguettes here – in many cases this is seriously innovative cuisine prepared by first-class chefs. Recipes that have been passed down through generations, and across continents. A history of food basically, in the world’s greatest cultural melting-pot. Service is (generally) friendly, prices are friendlier still, and the grub is often out of this world. Visiting New York soon? Got a healthy appetite? Here are four places you shouldn’t miss.
Red Hook Lobster
The Red Hook Lobster Truck is widely regarded as one of New York’s premier eateries by critics and the public alike. It’s Maine lobster, sustainably sourced and fresh off the boat. Have it on its own, in a roll, a bun, a salad or with chips, and savour the taste because this is some of the best tucker you’ll get in the city. The team are always happy to discuss recipes and cooking methods too, should you decide to buy a live one. A set weekly route is followed, so check online to track them down.
The Milk Truck
Keeping it deceptively simple, the Milk Truck seems to focus on just two items – grilled cheese sandwiches and milkshakes. But there’s a lot of science behind that basic menu, and the ingredients used by this artisan team are defiantly flavoursome. Sourcing meats and cheeses from around the United States, served with a nice selection of sides, and complementing them with zingy milkshake flavours such as Tahitian and Madagascan vanilla bean – this is fine dining on four wheels.
Big Gay Ice Cream
Are you open to experimentation? This van doesn't sell your typical standard 99 cone with a flake. Big Gay Ice Cream combines traditional home-made flavours of ice cream with some outlandish toppings, including sprinklings of wasabi pea dust, olive oil and sea salt, and toasted curried coconut. On a hot day in New York, outside of a leaky fire hydrant, nothing cools you as fast as an ice cream. But not many ice-creams will get your palate tingling too. A definite Gotham highlight.
You should always try to drink responsibly. It’s better for your health, for those around you, and society in general. But, unfortunately accidents do happen, and every now and then you wake up feeling a little rough around the edges. Can’t blame you for that. And if it should happen in New York, perhaps after an evening’s adventures in the Meatpacking District, then make a beeline pronto for Eggs-Travaganza in Midtown. With apologies for the Masterchef-y analogy, their homely Mexican breakfast food will pick you up, sit you back on your stool, spin you round a few times then give you a great big smooch on the kisser. Steak & egg taco. Chorizo fresco with egg and cheese. Home-made pancakes. It’s like a hug on a plate when you’re feeling especially blue.
Now I don’t know about you, but I would say one of the main reason people look forward to going on America holidays is anticipation of the food over there. Yes the portions are large, yes it’s often far from healthy but yes, it’s worth getting excited about.

Rob is a big fan of food and NYC and he just can't going back for more and more helpings of both
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Street food is just awesome! I love it...

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Yes! Stacy Nyc night life and street food is wonderful, a great place to be anytime.